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The Best Christmas Gifts For Kids

These are the top gifts every kid will be asking for this holiday season.

It's that time of year again! Thanksgiving officially kicks off the holiday shopping season — which means parents, grandparents, other family members, and friends will be scouring stores and the internet for the best Christmas gifts for kids. Except, finding the Christmas gifts for kids that really offer that "wow" factor isn't always as easy as it might seem.

Honestly, there are so many different factors to take into consideration when it comes to figuring out the best Christmas gifts for kids. The child's age and developmental level, their individual interests, what's cool or popular at the moment — all of these things determine whether a Christmas gift will be an epic hit or an awkward miss. Whether you're looking to buy stocking stuffers, a low-cost gift, or a big-ticket item, you'll need to carefully weigh these variables in order to arrive at the ideal Christmas gifts for kids on your list.

As a mom of four kids — who span in age from 10 months to 8 years olds — I have a fairly solid idea of what babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and bigger kids will all get a kick out of, toy-wise. I also happen to be a parenting news writer. So it's literally my job to keep up with the latest trends, including must-have Christmas gifts for kids. With my own, personal wealth of knowledge about toys and kid gadgets — combined with information from top toy lists of the season — I bring you a variety of popular and child-approved options when it comes to Christmas gifts for kids this year.

So definitely make sure to bookmark this page, so you can come back to it later as you make your list (and check it twice) while picking out the best Christmas gifts for kids in your life.

1. Owleez

I swear, nearly every holiday top-toy list I've come across so far has included the adorable Owleez baby owl interactive pet. So you can bet they'll be flying off shelves this holiday season. (Pun intended.) The cool thing about Owleez is this adorable pet actually does fly! You can find Owleez on Amazon for about $40. Just be sure to snag one while you still can.

2. LeapFrog RockIt Twist Handheld Learning Game System

The LeapFrog RockIt Twist is a handheld learning game system for kids ages 4-8. This colorful, light-up system features controls that include a spinner, switch, dials, button, and D-pad. Boys or girls will have a blast hatching and growing three virtual pets and playing a variety of learning — and just plain fun — games in the process. Although plenty of games are included, there are also themed game packs sold separately. You can snag this for just under $50 on Amazon.

3. Hot Wheels Colossal Crash Track Set

Hot Wheels sets are always a blast. But Hot Wheels sets that purposefully crash cars? Well, most kids would probably agree these are pretty much the best kind. The Hot Wheels Colossal Crash track set — which is new for 2019 — features a double figure-eight design. At more than 5 feet wide, it's actually the largest boosted set Hot Wheels has ever offered. Which means big crashes and loads of fun. You can find it for roughly $65 on Amazon.

4. National Geographic Kids Why?: Over 1,111 Answers to Everything

I don't know about you, but my 8-year-old asks roughly 500 questions per hour. (Or, at least it seems that way.) He's just so curious about, well, everything. If you have kid in your life who is endlessly wondering about the world around them, then National Geographic Kids Why?: Over 1,111 Answers to Everything is the perfect Christmas gift. This gem covers serious subjects as well as silly ones. So don't be surprised if your kid cracks up and then runs to you to share all of the new things she's learning.

5. Fisher-Price Linkimals Smooth Moves Sloth

Who wouldn't want an adorable, dancing sloth of their very own? The littlest ones on your Christmas list are sure to delight in the Fisher-Price Linkimals Smooth Moves Sloth. This light-up, interactive toy offers more than 85 songs, sounds, tunes and phrases that will have babies and toddlers singing and dancing along. Bonus: It also teaches them the alphabet, counting, opposites, and more. You can score this sweet sloth for about $25 on Amazon.

6. Art 101 142-Piece Wood Art Set

The little artist in your life is bound to flip out when they open this Art 101 142-piece wood art set. Supplies include pencils, crayons, pastels, and watercolor paints — as well as a wood case with a drawer to neatly organize and store everything. Just be sure to include some sketch pads, and then allow the creativity to flow for hours. This Christmas gift for kids is roughly $25 on Amazon.

7. Creatable World Deluxe Character Kit

The Creatable World Deluxe Character Kit is a great Christmas gift for kids — for girls or boys. What's unique about these sets is how customizable they are. Each kit comes with a doll, a wig, and clothing/accessories that can be mixed and matched to make over 100 characters and looks. With five different sets from which to choose, your child will enjoy coming up with (nearly) endless styles for their doll. They're roughly $25 apiece on Amazon.

8. Nickelodeon Paw Patrol Mighty Pups Super Paws Lookout Tower

If I've learned anything from the past eight-plus years of parenting it's this: Kids are obsessed with Paw Patrol. Even when they "age out" of the Nickelodeon show, it still captivates them. Which is why this Nickelodeon Paw Patrol Mighty Pups Super Paws Lookout Tower is such an awesome Christmas gift for kids. It's 2.5 feet tall, has a rotating periscope, a working elevator, and lights and sounds — and it's about $70 on Amazon.

9. Pixie Belles

From the maker of Fingerlings now come Pixie Belles. This super cute, interactive pet has three mode: nurture, dance, and spin. The tails are interchangeable and wearable, so that kids can swap them between Pixie Belles characters, or wear them in their hair, on their wrist, or use as a keychain. As if they weren't cute enough, Pixie Belles come with "kiss tech" — which detects your cheek in order to give you a kiss. They're roughly $10 apiece and currently come in four different colors.

10. Hedbanz

Hedbanz isn't your average card game. But its simple fun is bound to leave you and your kids laughing and wanting to play again and again. Strap on a headband, place your card, and then ask "yes" or "no" questions before time runs out to figure out if your card is an animal, food, or object. Hedbanz is roughly $12 on Amazon.

11. Air Hogs Zero Gravity Laser-Guided Remote Control Car

The Air Hogs Zero Gravity Laser-Guided Remote Control Car takes remote control cars to a whole new level. That's because this vehicle can climb up walls and even drive upside down on the ceiling. Just point the controller's LED light on any smooth surface within a 1-foot radius of the car, and it will chase it. Snag it for about $30 on Amazon.

12. Blume Dolls

This holiday season, Blume Dolls are yet another craze when it comes to Christmas gifts for kids. And it isn't hard to see why. This toy mixes three winning elements: Surprise, a collectable doll, and a cool reaction making the dolls appear to "bloom" out of their pots. Just add water, and your Blume Doll will do her thing. Each doll includes different outfits and accessories you can mix and match, as well as stickers. If you think kids on your gift list would love a Blume Doll, you can snag them for 10 bucks on Amazon.

13. Baby Shark Singing Puppet

Ah, "Baby Shark." (Do, do, do-do, do-do.) If  your kid isn't already been obsessed with this song/video/merch, or gotten it stuck in your head, then this is a fair warning: Prepare yourself. Because this singing Baby Shark puppet will make it happen. Find it for roughly $15 on Amazon.

14. National Geographic Mega Slime & Putty Lab

Slime is yet another big trend with kids these days — making it, specifically. So this National Geographic Mega Slime & Putty Lab is the perfect Christmas gift for kids. It includes: Magnetic putty, fluffy slime, glow-in-the-dark putty, liquid slime, color changing putty, snotty slime, bouncing putty, and one DIY glow-in-the-dark slime lab. The kit is $30 on Amazon.

15. Melissa & Doug Ice Cream Counter

The Melissa & Doug Ice Cream Counter allows kids to engage in imaginative play with the help of a quality wooden product. Your kiddo will be scooping up tasty-looking ice cream creations that you'll wish were actual ice cream. It's $40 on Amazon.

16. Lego Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle

If you're looking for a Christmas gift for kids that will bring that "wow" factor, then the Lego Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle is one way to go. (Bonus: It was a Toy of the Year award winner for 2019!) That's because this is basically the ultimate gift for Lego-loving Harry Potter fans. Just a heads-up, though: It's not cheap. With more than 6,000 pieces, this set will set you back $400. (A less expensive option is this Lego Harry Potter Hogwarts Clock Tower for under 100 bucks.)

17. Hot Dog Dance Break Mickey

"Hot dog, hot dog, hot diggety dog!" If you have a preschooler on your holiday shopping list, chances are they're familiar with "The Hot Dog Song" from the Disney Junior series Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. And chances are, they'll love Hot Dog Dance Break Mickey. This plush toy plays music, lights up, and dances to a remix of the kid-favorite song. This toy also features games. Snag it for $30 on Amazon.

18. Elsa’s Ice Palace

With Frozen 2's release on Nov. 22, you can bet Disney has released a brand new line of merchandise to go along with it. Among the many play sets, dolls, and more from the original movie and its sequel is Elsa's Ice Palace. This Little People play set  features the song, "Let It Go," as well as other sounds and lights. The castle even "grows" just like it does in the original movie. This set is about $40 and includes Elsa and Olaf figurines, a bed, and a chair.

19. Fisher-Price Bounce And Spin Puppy

If you have a toddler on your Christmas list this year, then I would definitely check out the Fisher-Price Bounce and Spin Puppy. Little ones 12 months and older can bounce and spin while enjoying lights, songs, and sounds. With two modes — learning and music — this Christmas gift for kids is bound to be a hit for energetic toddlers. It's currently about $45 on Amazon.

20. Osmo Little Genius Starter Kit for iPad

If you already have an iPad or an Amazon Fire tablet, then the Osmo Little Genius start kit would be a nice addition. This set connects to your tablet and allows kids to play creative and STEM-related, interactive games — by manipulating actual objects the system detects and then brings to life on-screen. There are additional games you can purchase, too, which focus on coding, numbers, words, art, and more. This particular starter pack is roughly $80 on Amazon.

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