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Affordable Baby Clothes For Parents On A Budget

This list of budget-friendly baby clothes is a must-see.

There’s nothing quite like finding out you're expecting your first child when you're actively trying to conceive. Although the news is obviously welcomed, it can be normal to feel a mix of excitement, anxiety, and even a tinge of fear. Especially once you make it past the initial shock and start thinking about all the looming to-do list leading up to baby’s arrival. There's just so much to do — and so much to buy.

One baby registry category that can be both extremely fun and endlessly frustrating for first-time parents is baby clothes. When I was pregnant with my first child, I was practically giddy as I started looking at all the baby clothes options. I would make it a point to linger in the baby clothes section of any store that had one — just to “awww!” over how adorable and impossibly tiny everything was. I also found myself browsing online for baby clothes and watching in horror how quickly the total of my virtual cart rose.

As tempting as it was to fill my cart and/or baby registry with every baby clothes item that caught my eye, I soon realized that wouldn’t exactly jive very well with our budget. My husband and I got married one month after I graduated from college, and then we found out we were going to have a baby a few short months later. Needless to say, we weren’t rolling in the dough by any stretch of the imagination. So saving money any way we could was a top priority.

Although my husband and I did receive a fair amount of baby clothing at my baby shower, most of these items were sized for a younger infants — meaning we were left to fill in the gaps after those initial few months. Fast-forward to today, and we recently welcomed our fourth child. Along the way during my parenting journey, I’ve gained a decent sense of what brands and styles of baby clothing are both practical and affordable. And I’m here to share my wealth of knowledge with you!

Whether you’ve recently discovered you’re expecting your first baby or you’re adding to your family after a bit of a break between older kids, let’s take a look at some affordable — but still completely adorable — baby clothes options that won’t break the bank. (Be sure to bookmark this page so you can come back to it!)

Garanimals from Walmart

For all the rookie parents and parents-to-be, let me just say that Garanimals from Walmart is a solid option when it comes to budget-friendly baby clothes. These simple, classic pieces — from tops, bottoms, sets, sleepers, socks, and more — come in a variety of attractive colors and prints. Bonus: The separates can typically be mixed and matched to create entirely unique outfits every time your baby wears them. Another convenient thing about Garanimals is the brand is exclusively sold at Walmart. So you can easily pick up a few baby clothes essentials during your regular grocery shopping trip, as your baby grows, without having to make an extra trip to a special store. (Which can definitely be a hassle when you have a little one in tow.) To give you an idea of what Garanimals has to offer, let's take a look at a few pieces that are currently available.

This two-piece bodysuit set is only $8.96 — and either bodysuit would pair seamlessly with a pair of pants in navy blue or gray.

And hey, look at that — here's a three-pack of Garanimals pants for $10.44 that would do the trick.

Garanimals also offers a variety of other sets of baby clothes. And you guessed it — the items can all be mixed and matched for endless outfit possibilities. This 20-piece Garanimals baby layette set, for example, is only $39.50. It includes five short-sleeved bodysuits, four pairs of pants, two pairs of zip-up pajamas, two opened-bottom gowns, three hats, and four pairs of mittens, for $39.50. It's an ideal "starter pack" of sorts for your newborn.

For the record, Garanimals also offers other baby clothes essentials/linens, such as socks, receiving blankets, and more. This 12-pack of assorted baby girl socks, for example, is just $10.98. (And believe me, you'll need plenty of baby socks; they always seem to go missing!)


Carter's is another one of my all-time favorite baby clothes brands. One of the perks of loving Carter's is it seems like you can find it pretty much anywhere. (Okay, not literally.) But from Walmart, to Kohl's, Amazon, Macy's, JcPenney, and more, Carter's is relatively easy to come by. There are also a variety of lines within the brand that are widely available. The Child of Mine line, for example, is a Walmart staple.

This Carter's Child of Mine three-piece set — which includes a floral-print, short-sleeved bodysuit, a babydoll shirt with an elephant, and an adorable ruffle-bottomed pair of pants — is only $8.94. And it's the perfect springtime outfit for a baby girl.

This two-piece Carter's Child of Mine set featuring floral pants and pink top is $7.94. It's both a practical and adorable outfit for spring, and you can find it at Walmart.

And isn't this Carter's Child of Mine long-sleeved bodysuit set just too precious? It's only $7.24, and this set will help keep your little guy warm while hanging out at home during the winter months. Or, try using these for layering your baby for outings during those colder days.

This printed Carter's two-piece, zip-up pajama set from Kohl's will set you back $13. Not only are they a perfect way to keep your baby warm and cozy at night, but they're great for hanging out at home during the day

And isn't this Carter's two-piece set for $24 simply dine-o-mite? (Sorry, I couldn't resist!)


Most people are probably familiar with the Gerber brand and its iconic mascot, the Gerber baby. Although Gerber might be more widely-known for its baby food, this brand also offers a line of baby clothes (as well as other baby essentials) that's almost guaranteed to find its way into your baby's wardrobe at some point. That's because Gerber baby clothes won't break the bank as parents try to keep their babies' closets stocked with wardrobe essentials. These items are high quality, and will stand the test of time/baby messes. And of course, Gerber baby clothes are incredibly affordable — which is why this brand made my list in the first place. So let's take a quick look at a sampling of Gerber baby clothes, just to give you an idea of what's out there.

A staple in any baby wardrobe, once again, is the short-sleeved bodysuit. The snaps at the bottom are handy for quick diaper changes. Plus, unlike regular shirts, they won't constantly creep up and expose his belly. This five-piece set of white Gerber bodysuits is only $15.92 on Amazon. So be sure to add a few sets in various sizes to your baby registry, and you'll be set for a while.

Although zip-up footed pajamas are my all-time favorite piece of baby clothing — because they're just so darn versatile — opened-bottom gowns are also among my top five. (Especially when you have a really young infant.) This Gerber two-pack gown set is $11.99 on Amazon. This particular design features mitten cuffs, which effectively prevent your little one from scratching her face in the middle of the night. (Because as seasoned parents know all too well, those newborn finger nails are incredibly sharp.) The open-bottom design is also convenient for the many middle-of-the-night diaper changes that go down during those first few months. And since you'll likely be swaddling your baby for a while anyway, you won't have to worry about her legs and feet getting cold at night.

Question: What could possibly be cuter than a baby bodysuit with a fox on it and a matching pair of pants? Answer: The same outfit with an adorable fox hat, of course. This Gerber three-piece set is only $10.99, and is sure to elicit plenty of "awww" responses as you go about your day with your little fox.

As I previously mentioned, you can never have too many baby socks. Between their getting lost in the laundry and your baby kicking them off everywhere, it can seem like your sock stash is always dwindling. For this reason, it's smart to invest in a set of plain, white socks; that way, you won't have to worry about matching socks with specific printed designs — on top of everything else that comes with new parenthood. This Gerber six-pack of white baby socks is roughly 10 bucks on Amazon, depending on the size you choose. (Although, you'll definitely want more than six pairs total.)

Gerber's got you covered when it comes to gift sets, too. Check out this Gerber 19-piece newborns essentials set — which includes two sleepers, five bodysuits, five hats, three bibs, and four receiving blankets for $51.49 on Amazon.

The Children's Place

I swear, every time I walk by a physical The Children's Place storefront, there's some sort of amazing sale going on. Because not only is this brand fashionable and affordable to begin with, its frequent price-slashing makes snagging cute baby clothes a cinch. Whether you're looking for premie-sized clothing or big kid items, there's sure to be something perfect for your child. What's even better is I've never been inside one of these stores without encountering some sort of sale or deal going on.

As you might have observed, unicorns have been all the rage for quite some time now — whether it's unicorn-inspired drinks, hair, cakes, and more And this trend extends to kids' clothing. Which is why this three-piece set from The Children's Place is on point. The set features a short-sleeved bodysuit, a pair of pants, and a hoodie with, get this, a unicorn horn on a hood. It's so cute, I can hardly stand it.

When I think of The Children's Place, one of the first things that comes to mind is the store's selection of cute and quirky graphic T-shirts and baby bodysuits. It's sassiness at a budget-friendly price point. And I mean, what little guy wouldn't look adorable in this bodysuit that says, "Lil' Dude," and has a mustache on it?

In case you were wondering, The Children's Place also offers a selection of gift sets to include on your baby registry — or to simply pick up for yourself because they're so affordable and cute. (Whichever comes first!) This six-piece set consisting of three knotted hats and three pairs of mittens would be a sweet addition to any baby girl's wardrobe.

Here's another sample of a graphic baby bodysuit that can be found at The Children's Place. Although your little one might ultimately have a full head of hair, the phrase "No Hair Don't Care" was spot-on for all of my babies.

And this two-piece set of zip-up, footed pajamas is simply dreamy. I mean, who wouldn't want a sleeper set featuring happy and winking clouds and rainbows?

Here's another example of a perfect newborn gift set. This baby boy sleeper set comprised of two pairs of zip-up pajamas, one pair of opened-bottomed pajamas, one hat, one bib, and one pair of printed socks. The safari prints and designs are sure to keep your little boy styling and cozy at night.

Cat & Jack from Target

As Business Insider reported, the Cat & Jack brand — which is sold exclusively at Target — well exceeded expectations when it first launched in 2016. In fact, it attracted $2 billion in sales that first year. "Exclusive new brands like Cat & Jack in kids clothing, Pillowfort in homewares, and Cloud Island in baby have all performed well," Neil Saunders, managing director of GlobalData Retail, wrote in a note to investors, according to the publication. "Not only are these brands credible and compelling, but they are also helping to differentiate Target from rivals." And it isn't hard to see why Cat & Jack has done so well. Because I have yet to find a Cat & Jack baby clothes item I don't love! 

Like this swoon-worthy Cat & Jack dress outfit that would make any baby boy look dapper. (Can you believe it's only $15.99?) This outfit would be perfect for family photos, if you ask me.

There's also this Cat & Jack hooded romper for $12.99. Honestly, it looks so cozy, I would be all over it for myself if it came in adult sizes. (Unfortunately for me, the size range only runs from newborn to 24 months.)

This Cat & Jack three-piece bodysuit set is $9.99, and offers a fresh color palette to your baby's wardrobe. (I think the yellow "Nice to meet you" one is just too precious!)

Although bodysuits are fabulous, a tunic paired with leggings is a classic outfit for any age. Your baby girl will be rolling in style with this Cat & Jack short sleeve chambray henley tunic with fleece leggings set for $13.99.

And this Cat & Jack conversation hearts tutu romper is a playfully sweet outfit for Valentine's Day — or any day of the year, really. The best part? It's only $13.99, as well.

Little Wonders

If you're not familiar with this particular brand, Little Wonders can be found at Sears. Unfortunately, hundreds of unprofitable Sears and Kmart locations have closed in the past several years as a result of Sears Holdings declaring bankruptcy, according to USA Today. The good news is, even if a Sears location has recently closed near you, you can still purchase this adorably affordable line on Sears.com. So if you did lose your local Sears, don't let that hold you back from checking out what Little Wonders has to offer. Because I can almost guarantee you'll find something amazing for your little one.

Like many items in the clothing line, this Little Wonders long-sleeved T-shirt and leggings set with a matching headband features an adorable print paired with a cute saying. It's regularly priced at $9.99, too — so it won't break the bank.

This 7-pack of Little Wonders long-sleeved infant bodysuits will keep your baby girl warm during the colder months while also making diaper changes convenient. With striped and polka-dot designs — and regularly priced at $16 — who said bodysuits had to be boring or expensive?

This Little Wonders 4-piece bodysuit set offers the perfect mix of colorful prints and whimsical graphic designs for your baby boy.

And I mean, come onThis Little Wonders overalls and spaceship-print shirt set is basically the cutest thing for a baby boy for a baby girl.

Little Wonders also has a wide variety of pajamas and pajama sets from which to choose. This Little Wonders two-pack of footed, zip-up pajamas featuring a striped and floral print adds a little pizzazz to your baby's wardrobe, if you've grown tired of solid colors.

Your little guy will be ready for some fun in the sun (just not too much, and preferably mostly in the shade) with this Little Wonders two-piece set. Between the crab and waves print on the shorts and the little crab poking out of the shirt's pocket, I'm not sure which one is cuter.

Jumping Beans

If you happen to be a frequent Kohl's shopper, then you've probably noticed there is a variety of baby clothing brands available at this popular retailer. Among them is Jumping Beans — another affordable option for parents to consider — which is sold exclusively at Kohl's. As with the first brand on this list, Garanimals, when I think of Jumping Beans, I think of a wide selection of separates that can be mixed and matched to create outfits. With this in mind, there are also a number of adorable outfit sets worth looking into.

This Jumping Beans Minnie Mouse set hoodie and pants set — complete with ears and a bow on the hood — is $26 and sure to attract plenty of compliments. (And even more, perhaps, when you disclose the price.)

This Jumping Beans babydoll dress comes with matching bloomer, and would look chic on any baby girl.

Here's a Jumping Beans long-sleeved bodysuit that features construction equipment. It's originally priced at $12. However, from experience, there's almost always some sort of sale going on; so the final price is likely to be less when it's all said and done.

Speaking of separates, the bodysuit above would go well with this pair of Jumping Beans jogger pants, below, wouldn't it? Again, the regular price is just $12 without any sales taken into account.

For an extra layer of warmth during the colder months, try finishing off a bodysuit and pants combination with a lightweight hoodie like this Jumping Beans fleece hoodie from Kohl's.

And there you have it, folks. Clearly, this isn't an exhaustive list of cute but affordable baby clothes brands available today. However, I'm confident the options I've provided here will help budget-conscious parents get started on the right foot — whether they're in the process of creating a baby registry, or simply trying to fill in the gaps after all of the gifts have come in. (Because undoubtedly, well-meaning gifters will have purchased roughly a million graphic infant bodysuits in newborn sizes, but next to nothing for an older baby.)

As you can see, saving money on clothing doesn't have to be at the expense of style. There are plenty of brands out there that offer everything from basic separates, outfit sets, pajamas, socks, dress clothes, and more. I wish you luck as you create your baby's first wardrobe — and as you embark on this crazy, wonderful and exhausting journey known as parenthood. You're going to rock this in style, I just know it.

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